About the Macomber 15

The Macomber 15 is a traditionally built, flat-bottom skiff, designed by Scott Gifford of Massachusetts for the conditions on the Westport River and choppy coastal sounds.  The Masonboro Skiff Company in Wilmington, North Carolina, picked the design for its adaptability to the likewise skinny waters of the Intracoastal Waterway and local tributaries of historic rivers in the Carolinas.  The interior of each Masonboro Macomber skiff is unique through the special customization options available to meet the wishes, needs and primary uses set by the owner.

The Macomber design has a solid hardwood framework of white oak and tropical African sapele. It is planked with cypress and fastened exclusively with silicon bronze hardware.  Each piece of lumber is hand selected and individually milled for specific installation.

The character of the lapstrake design ensures a solid, time tested, dependable hull.  The company’s interior joinery and finishing details are consistent with honored boatbuilding methods and have been regularly recognized with praise by experts and received top awards for quality craftsmanship.

Quite simply, the Macomber 15’ is an agile, easy to navigate, durable, classy and distinctive skiff.  Whether you choose fresh water or salt water, the ride, performance, and appearance will entertain and make you proud for generations.

Interested in getting your own Macomber 15’ Skiff?  Contact us at 919.600.9311 or email us at keds@masonboroskiffcompany.com.